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The house style is based on the work of Yamashiro Rai, and swiftly gained and maintained a reputation for high quality swords, both beautiful and practical with excellent cutting ability.

Tadayoshi was born in 1572 and began learning sword-craft at the end of the koto period. His father and grandfather (Morihiro) were both in the service of the Nabeshima daimyo and at the time of his father's death, Tadayoshi was too young for service.

For the last part under the Tadahiro name this rises to 4.75 Juyo per year.

During the end of his life he dealt with a fair amount of sickness too, and I theorize that the swords he made and signed himself as Tadahiro were likely above the commercial caliber of swords previously made and that were continuing to be made by the large number of swordsmiths working in his forge.

These kenjō-mei blades of exceedingly high quality specifically withhold his honorary title. Robertshaw says, these blades were used as gifts to high ranking people.

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Myōju seems to have taken a liking to the young Tadayoshi as he co-signed several of his works stating that “This Tadayoshi is my student” on the nakago as a soemei.

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At the age of 25 with some 12 years of study under his belt, Tadayoshi had entered the service of Nabeshima Naoshige as a swordsmith, and was sent to study under the great master Umetada Myōju in Kyoto.After he changed his name to Tadahiro, some other habits seem to appear.One is that dates more frequently appear on his blades, and those with the Tadahiro signature tend to show his highest degree of skill.The combination of these two I think increases the number of masterpieces that are directly associated with his personal work.During the last period of his life Tadayoshi took orders from the Nabeshima daimyo to make a special form of blade to be used as gifts.Fast Furious Family, Muscle Cars, Hot Roads, Pro Mods, Senhor Jesus, Fast & Furious Lovers, Broncos Action Committee, Right Wing Tribune, Dennis Collins, Broncos World Order, After Deployment, Addicted 2 Country Music, I Love Classic Rock, FORD F150 - Fans & Owners, Redeemed Riders 1068, Denver Broncos Stuff, (Official), Its So ' Dumb and Stupid' -Its Funny.., Funny & Positive Stuff, Laughed so hard I wet myself, Rednecks, Hillbillies, and Trailer Park Trash, Just Laugh, Dontpokethebear, American Military News, PMP Gear, RC Hobby Pro, Led Equipped, Tahiticora, Pamela Jean Noble, Stuffs, Rosanna Arkle, Carrie Lachance, Starfucked, Macu Lanza, Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment Magazine, All Military All The Time, Big Cat Fever Rod Series, Witty Bunny, KTVO, I Miss Paul Walker, Toyota Supra, Vin Diesel Fan Club Georgia, Superspeed USA, FFLovers, Letty Toretto Page, Fast & Furious Fan Club, Odyssey, Classic Country Music, The Spellery, Relationship Quotes, Don't feed the Drama Llama, Looney Lane, Just 4 laughs, Died Laughing, Fun Pics and Stuff, Laugh OR Croak Too, Juiced Bikes, Redneck Country, DJI, Jurassic Park Motor Pool JP-34, Bikers Against Child Abuse International, Democratic Party of Webster County Missouri, Dune TV, FUN Texts., Mustang Obsession, LADbible, Everything Mx, Maintainer Nation, Military Veterans, U.