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Dating selective services

Lincoln had usurped her husband’s presidential duty of appointing federal offices. On this day in 2004, 40-year-old Arizona Diamondbacks lefthander Randy Johnson becomes the oldest pitcher in major league history to throw a perfect game, leading his team to a 2-0 victory over the Atlanta Braves. Representative Melvin Laird (R-Wisconsin) states that because the Johnson administration is not providing the American public with precise information on planned troop deployments to Vietnam, a “credibility gap” is developing. This operation was considered so top secret that Hitler refused to issue a written order.

Over the next four decades, Team Lotus will go on to become one of the most successful teams in Formula One... Grant surrounds Vicksburg, the last Confederate stronghold on the Mississippi River, in one of the most brilliant campaigns of the war.

Beginning in the winter of 1862-63, Grant made several attempts to capture Vicksburg.

The high court held that as long as equal accommodations were... The test fell on the traditional anniversary of the Buddha’s enlightenment, and Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi received... Called Louwala-Clough, or “the Smoking Mountain,” by Native Americans, Mount St.

In the Rajasthan Desert in the state of Pokhran, India successfully detonates its first nuclear weapon, a fission bomb similar in explosive power to the U. Helens is located in the Cascade Range and stood 9,680 feet before...

But it wasn't until she got into modelling as a teenager that she really found her confidence and she's now a contender for the Miss England crown after being named Miss Hertfordshire.

Playwright Thomas Kyd, whose Spanish Tragedie (also called Hieronomo) was influential in the development of the revenge tragedy, was arrested on May 15, 1593, and tortured on...

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Wojtyla went on to become Pope John Paul II, history’s most well-traveled pope and the first non-Italian to hold the position since the 16th century. On this day in 1783, the first United Empire Loyalists, known to American Patriots as Tories, arrive in Canada to take refuge under the British crown in Parrtown, Saint John, Nova Scotia (now New Brunswick), Canada.Aimee Semple Mc Pherson, a nationally known evangelist, disappears from Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California. representative from Illinois, is nominated for the U. presidency by the Republican National Convention meeting in Chicago, Illinois.Police dispatched planes and ships in an effort to find her, but she was nowhere to be found. Helens in Washington erupts, causing a massive avalanche and killing 57 people on this day in 1980. Hannibal Hamlin of Maine was nominated for the vice presidency.In March, he marched his army down the west bank...A crowd of protesters, estimated to number more than one million, marches through the streets of Beijing calling for a more democratic political system.Quoting a report in the Sacramento Union, the Humboldt Times recounted a tale of how Mrs. troops were serving in Vietnam, and that another 90,000 were performing tasks directly... After five hours of intense fighting, the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese forces were driven off. On this day in 1943, Adolf Hitler launches Operation Alaric, the German occupation of Italy in the event its Axis partner either surrendered or switched its allegiance.