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Dating a woman whos ex cheated

So don’t be surprised if she asks for your passwords to your phone and email; she is only trying to protect herself from getting hurt again.

Or perhaps just until she finds someone who will never cheat on her. Getting cheated on was probably the worst experience of her life and she is not going to trust you easily.

From now on, every guy she meets, she will look at him with contempt!

Suck it up and let her talk about her ex, at least at first, so you can have an idea of how she’s feeling.

After that, you can ban his name from conversation. Being cheated on might’ve made her lose some of her confidence.

She doesn’t want to be a victim again and she is only doing this to clear any feelings of doubt out of her mind about you. She demands to meet all your friends, especially your girl friends You may think she’s being unreasonable when she says she wants to hang out with your friends you do!

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If you leave her waiting for too long, she’s going to have her doubts about what you’re really doing.

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But eventually, someone who has been cheated on will ultimately want to start dating again She probably is going to live by this motto for the rest of her life.If you’re smiling at your phone, she’s going to want to know who you’ve been texting.They’re not unreasonable questions, so ease her paranoia by answering them honestly. The only way to understand what she’s been through is by hearing about what happened in her past relationship.That’s why you shouldn’t assume that she knows how much you care. If you’ve dated crappy people in the past, tell her about your own experiences. Sometimes, she’ll want to sit in her room alone or go out on the town with her friends.Actually tell her, because she needs to hear the words. It’ll be easier for her to open up to you if you open up to her, too. Don’t get angry when she asks for space, because it’s healthy to spend some time apart. If you have the time to answer her texts, then do so.It could be a really long time before she starts trusting anyone, even you! Occasional snooping is expected When you are not looking, she might go through your messages and e-mails out of sheer anxiety.