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Dating a sociopath part 1

What’s more, most people don’t do much reflecting on what philosophy professors call “the Good.” Most are trusting folk who aren’t on the lookout for psychopaths and sociopaths. I’m just going to give you a little direction so that you can hunt psychopaths, sociopaths, and idiots with the best of them. With a simple tool I’ve used to teach thousands of men at The Art of Charm: The Value Scale. The Value Scale is something we came up with at The Art of Charm to recognize different personality types and how they go about getting value from other people.

The average person is easy pickings for these types of manipulators and their dupes, who are often just as dangerous. The value scale shows four common ways: Remember the value scale going forward.

It’s one of the best ways to keep psychopaths, sociopaths, and idiots out of your life.

), chances are good that you have at least one of these in your life.

Another thing you might notice about the most psychopathic professionals: Most are either directly (CEO) or indirectly (journalist) in control of another person.

In fact, the “win-win” scenario almost defines the Cooperative Personality — the place where basically no psychopaths, sociopaths, or idiots are found.

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So now that you know you’re not a psychopath, a sociopath, or an idiot, how do you start identifying these personality types in your own life?

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They’re not bank robbers and interrogation experts.It’s only when we open ourselves up to people that we’re able to start making real connections with one another.You don’t have to share deep, dark secrets about yourself to be vulnerable.Remember that psychopaths and sociopaths don’t have much empathy — there’s no reason for them to play fair with other people, because they just see others as tools to their desired ends. Compare this to sociopaths or psychopaths, who are only interested in themselves.Mutual exchanges are a loss to the psychopath and sociopath. So look to the presence of empathy as the defining characteristic of the psychopath and the sociopath. If they want to know anything about other people, it’s only to further their own ends.It is precisely this kind of inertial state that psychopaths and sociopaths prey on.