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Date not updating in excel worksheet

button at the bottom of the Count & Sum by Color pane.

However if you send file to another person you need to send the Addin along and ask that person to install it on his/her machine so that your formula can work there.

I this article you will learn how to count cells by color in Excel and get the sum of colored cells.

No macros, no formulas, no pain :) The All Colors option works basically in the same way, except that you do not have to choose the color.

In the "Show results for" section, you can select any of the following options: Count, Sum, Average, Maximum or Minimum value.

The VB script below was written in response to Connor's comment (also by our Excel's guru Alex) and does exactly what Connor requested, namely counts and sums the cells of a certain color in all worksheets of the workbook.

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Of course if you have that little VBA gem that makes the magic happen : ) But what if you do not color cells manually and rather use conditional formatting, as we discussed in these two articles How to change the background color of cells and How to change a row's color based on cell value?If you have applied conditional formatting to color cells based on their values and now you want to count cells by color or sum the values in colored cells, I have bad news - there is no universal user-defined function that would sum by color or count color cells and output the resulting numbers directly in the specified cells.

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So, our team decided to take a step further and create an Excel add-in that would count and sum cells by the color you specify or by all colors in the selected range.calculate the number of red, green and orange cells in the worksheet.As I explained above, there is no straightforward solution to this task.Activate v Wbk Res = v Wbk Res Count Cells By Color(wsh Current. Activate v Wbk Res = v Wbk Res Sum Cells By Color(wsh Current. Simply enter either formula in any empty cell on any sheet without defining a range, specify the address of any cell of the needed color in brackets, e.g.=Wbk Sum Cells By Color(A1), and the formula will display the sum of all the cells shaded with the same color in your workbook.If you want to copy the results to your worksheet, click the Paste results...