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Crystalens accomodating

This is a promising result, although near visual acuity is not as much of a challenge as distant visual acuity.

It is soft and flexible and is able to change focus.

As a patient looks at distant, intermediate or near objects, the lens changes its power.

The procedure itself lasts about 20 minutes or less and is pain free.

A few drops are put into your eye by the surgeon and an ultrasonic probe is used to remove the cloudy lens from the eye.

This newest version expands the possibilities for vision correction during cataract surgery as the only lens that allows a range of vision while also correcting astigmatism. Crystalens is a revolutionary new breakthrough in vision enhancement by Bausch and Lomb.

The Crystalens implant allows your eye and it’s natural muscles to focus on objects at various distances. They only allow you to focus on objects at a certain distance and you may be required to wear glasses for near or middle vision.

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By fastening the IOL to the ciliary body, and making it from a material which can change focal length with shape or position, the need for glasses after cataract surgery can be reduced.It is also important to point out that even after having this procedure done and having the possibility of having 20/20 vision, you still may not increase your chances to read or focus on objects in low light.As we get older, we lose our ability to focus on objects under these conditions.The Crystalens implant is then put in place of the original lens used to be.When this procedure is complete, the doctor will put additional drops in your eye to prevent infection and help with any inflammation that may occur.This is called The Crystalens IOL has been shown to give 90% of patients implanted had a near visual acuity of J3 or better, while only 15% of patients with a fixed focus IOL had that vision.