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Cops dating felons

“The story has morphed dramatically, from social injustice to patriotism,” said Yaccarino.

Joe says that Melissa is absolutely right and Teresa is too soft on the girls. [Insert uncomfortable date night with Siggy and her husband here.] #Fast Forward Wow, Margaret’s shoe line is the fake reason for the girls to go to Milan. This season is so short because production knew that it sucked. The set up seems to be who will Teresa believe, Dolores or Danielle. Teresa’s dad is actually helping out in the kitchen.

The other night Jac was posting about how sad it was that the ratings fell flat this season when they worked so hard last season to get them up. Joe wants everyone to give their sincere feedback on each dish. Teresa and Melissa are making a big deal out of Frank moving back in with Dolores. Why are these women so consumed with everyone else’s personal business. Danielle quickly tries to rally Teresa to her side before Dolores gets there. At the party Danielle said basically that Teresa should be leery of Dolores because she told her that “Teresa has no friendships that mean more to her than money.” These two statements are completely different.

That look is more worn out than Louboutin shoes and Birkin bags.

Never before have so few done so much to besmirch a couple of brands.

And TV networks don’t want stockholders to think they’re bleeding advertisers, but they too figure they can turn up the heat on the NFL by making the situation seem somewhat dire.

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She doesn’t want a photo of Melissa and Joe that Joe picked on the wall because Melissa is “only a Gorga by injection.” Teresa goes on to say if Joe divorces her she won’t be a Gorga anymore. Gia is having this conversation in a very respectful way. Her mother points out that her mother allowed her to go back to the US from Israel for her last two years of high school.

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When David takes Dolores to dinner, he buys a dinner for Frank and Frankie for Dolores to take home to them.Margaret doesn’t know either of the women well enough to even offer an opinion. Siggy is already getting heated and Dolores is not even there yet. Siggy explains to Joe why they are pissed at those two.Teresa’s shih tzu confessional styling must have been done by someone who hates her.Tonight I am feeling emotionally well, I’m relatively sane, and completely sober for now. In case you missed it, I wrote a post about Danielle being sued today. It’s not a Mc Mansion like all the other houses that the Jersey and Atlanta housewives live in.I’m pretty sure everyone with any sense put their house on the market if it has a big white staircase with ugly black railings like so many of these giant, gaudy places do.She noted that prior to the controversy, which started last season when then-San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick began to kneel during the national anthem, “most” NFL games didn’t broadcast the anthem, aside from big games like the Super Bowl.