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That includes £50,716 for residential placement and linked care costs, £4,805 for education, £3,915 for healthcare and £3,826 for social workers.

The vast majority of those being supported by councils – 92 per cent – were boys.

But the number of lone girls had soared by 19 per cent in the past year.

George Burgess had been found dead on Friday 12 April, and the first day of the inquest was virtually unattended.

Three days later, on the afternoon of the day little George was buried, with over 1,000 mourners lining the 20-minute route to the cemetery, there would be hundreds seeking to attend the second hearing, many of them, after the room was full, remaining standing in silence in the street outside.

In 1861, two eight-year-old Stockport boys were tried for the murder of a toddler. ." IT WAS AT 1pm on Saturday, 13 April 1861, that William Johnson took his place at the head of the long table set up in the main room of the White House Tavern in Hempshaw Lane, Stockport, with its white walls and black beams one of the more beautiful of the cotton and hat manufacturing town's many pubs. For in an outhouse attached to the tavern, in an open coffin, lay the body of the two-year-old boy who had been found the previous day, suffocated, with his face in the water of a brook, his unclothed body brutally beaten.

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Although coroners' hearings were open to the public, newspapers - Stockport and nearby larger Macclesfield had two good ones - appeared only once a week, on Friday.

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Many who have arrived here illegally in the backs of lorries – often having fallen into the clutches of violent people-trafficking gangs – have come from war-torn countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.Many of the children have complex needs because of the trauma they have witnessed or hardships they have endured.Council chiefs said that the number of arrivals is having significant implications for local taxpayers because town halls are responsible for all costs associated with each child under their care until they are 25.The Local Government Association last night called for more funding from the Government to help ease the burden on struggling councils.Deputy chairman David Simmonds said: 'No one is disputing these children need to be cared for.It costs £67,634 per year to care for each of them, according to the Association of Directors of Children's Services.