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Chat with girls no sing up

Taking this to heart, Puck performs Sweet Caroline at the next Glee Club meeting, serenading to Rachel and earning disapproving looks from Finn and Santana. Finn and Quinn are walking down the hallway in sunglasses, but are ambushed by the football team with slushies.

Will turns on Thong Song and begins to dance provocatively around Emma.

The performance ends when Will accidentally trips and Emma falls on top of him with Ken spying on them from outside the classroom.

Emma then advises them that the most important thing is being themselves and anyone who doesn't like it is not worth their time.

Emma visits Will after school in one of the classroom in her wedding dress, explaining that her sister got divorced because she did not practice her dance lessons with it on.

Rachel is practicing What a Girl Wants in her bedroom with Puck, before Puck suggests they take a break to make-out.

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He also says that he's going to choose football over Glee Club. Will and Emma are at a bridal shop where Emma is trying on a new wedding dress that she feels will be easier to dance in.Will puts on an instrumental version of I Could Have Danced All Night and Emma sings along as the two begin to slow dance with each other.

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However, Ken begins to have trust issues with Will around Emma and subsequently forces the guys on the football team to choose between Glee Club or football.Emma and Ken approach Will in the teachers' lounge and tell him that they will be having a private wedding ceremony in Hawaii.Ken has convinced Emma to have a first dance, but they cannot decide on a song.They also ask for private dance lessons, particularly for Emma.In the choir room, Quinn voices her concern about their reputation as the "it couple" while the other glee kids worry about getting slushied.It turns out that Rachel is fantasizing about Finn when she and Puck are kissing, and she tells them that she can't be with him unless he's man enough to sing a solo.