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A t Srcal amount n( unnecessary correspondence is occasioned by li.e non-ohscrvancc of lliis rcjiulalion. 2.— LIVP; RP00L street station (within eivsy distance of).— Jliddle-class Business, in busy main thoroughfare; held by vendor 26 years; returns under mana "^AI^XJERS ILNiy TRANSFER AGENTS, Telegcams : ' Brett Leicester.-] 0 WEST STREET, LEIGESTERm Telephone : 160 Y.' VALUATIONS have always had our special and personal attention, and an experience of thirty years is at your disposal, AGENCY.

Give full particulars in first letter to save time, age, references, salary required, and photo, if possible ^to bo returned), J, A. stating age, height, references, and salary required (outdo"rsi, to W. Apply, with full particulars as to salary asked, expeneiice, etc., enclosing photo, if eonveuieut, to D.

GRIMSBY.— Reliable qualified Assistant to take charge of branch; good Counterman and Window-dresser; permanency to suitable man. — Qualified Junior wanted, early in April, for a Light Retail and IJispen.-ing business, .\pply. — Wanted, an indoor Assi.staiit, unciualificd, for :i Light Retail business; easy hours; must be a good Extractor and quick Dispenser.

Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2014\/l1595 Ui PPte Me NT. LKICESTERSHIRE.— Old-established Light Retail; in busy market town ; best position ; splendid Proprietaries ; returns about £550 ; price £450 or offer ; must be sold owing to breakdown in health ; good house and premises. — High-class Light Retail and Dispensing in inland health resort; returns about £1,000 (2 businesses) ; fine Shops at low rents; profitable ; price about £850 ; grand opportunity to acquire a first- class concern.

Advertisements (or ~\ the current issue cannot be received after 1 p.m. A Copy ot tills Supplement Is inserted In every Number Issued of "Tie Chemist and Drujjist." THE SUREST WAY to^et y^Rat y-ou v Jant is to advertise in tfiis Supplement. \Vq also have a Private Register for vendors who are in no hurry to sell and who do not wish their businesses to be advertisef , STOCKTAKING SPECIALISTS TO THE ENTIRE DRUQ TRADE. — SURREY (Charming Locality).— First-class Family Retail and Dispensing Business, producing a clear net profit of nearly £450 yearly (proof given) ; modern, up-to-date Pharmacy; very best posi- tion ; fully stocked ; splendid house ; price £1,200 ; references rerjuired. — HAMPSHIRE (Market Town).— Light Family Retail ; -returns over £900; best position; price £775, or near offer. — KENT.— Unopposed Light Country Retail; returns £800; net profit £300; easily worked; price £600. — MIDLANDS (Health Resort).— High-class trade; returns under manager £750, capable of increase ; valuation required. — SOUTH CO.'V ST.— Good-class Retail and Dispensing; returns about £1,000; good profits: price £50 and valuation. — GLOUCESTERSHIRE.— Unopposed Light Country Retail; re- turns about £500 ; net profit £130 to £200 ; price £400. — DERBYSHIRE (Small Town).— Mixed Country Retail; rc- Uirns £850; best position; price for quick sale £375. — HERTS.— Good-class Retail; returns £700; net profit £177; modern Pharmacy ; well stocked ; price £430, or ofl'er. — SUFFOLK.— Unopposed Village Retail; returns £5 weekly, will soon do £7 to £8; large house: low rent: price £100. M v Kcii 2u, i Ou J THE CIIJ':-\il Sl' AND DRUGGIST SUPPLEMENT .

Vssistant (indoors, about 23 years of agel ' for good-class Dispensing business. CARLISLE.— Qualified Assi.^tant, thoroughly reliable, energetic, for brisk Retail in a good-class Dispensing and Mixed business.

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Walton & Curtis, 190 Broadhurst Gardens, West Hampstead, London, N. LONDON, N.— Wanted, at once, an elderly,, qualified man; a comfortable berth : permanency ; o'utdoors. E.— Qualified Assistant wanted; indoors; comfortable home. LONDON W.— Assistant, not necessarily qualified, required for good-class Retail and Dispensing business, with Photography; outdoors. Apply, with full particulars and enclose photo, to Mr. ASSISTANT -wanted, well recommended, to take charge of Front Counter and Window-dressing, aud to control assistants (several kept) ; must be well up in good-class Retail work. .-Viiply, " Z.," e/o Harker Stagg, Emmott Street, Mile End, London. W.— Senior Assistant; qualified preferred; must be a good Dispenser ; indoors ; good salary. Apply, with full particulars of former situations, salary asked (outdoors), etc., to 240/2, Ofaee of this Paper LONDON, S. Apply, with usual particulars, in first place by letter, to Mayfair, 127 Cambridge Street, Warwick Square S. ^ (^estern Suburb).— Qualified Manager, at once (30 to J-i ^16), tor brisk working-class business; comfortable hours: out- doors; smart, energetic, reliable; good Salesman; abstainer, and Extractor preferred ; capital could be invested in business if desired- peimaneney to capable man; salary 40.5. Fullest particulars in first letter, 240/16, Oflrce of this Paper. Apply, stating salary required, copies of Inst two ref'erenecs, to H. Send full particulars as to age, salary required, photo, and references, to " X. ^li T'ORCESTER.— Manager, qualified, wanted for Retail and Dis- Vt pensiug business; to live on premises; weekly half-day holi- day. VLIFIED Manager, married or antieiiiating, for a good-class Mixed business; house ))i-ovidcnl; near large seaport in South; not under 26.

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DERBYSHIRE.— Good Mixed Family Retail, Prescribing, and own Specialities ; returns £600 under manager ; nicely-fitted shop (look-up) ; unopposed ; price £250. BEE, DOE & FISH have several clients requiring to purchase for cash Businesses returning £1,000 to £2,000, in good Market or Provincial Tovyns, 50 to 100 miles of London. etail : returns .t780 (last 3 vears) ; net profit £230, «ood prices; several Proprietaries; rent .£75; lease 12 years unexpired; roomy shop and back room; price £375 ; genuine bargain. Tunior ; indoors, .\]ply, stat- •Npericnce, salary required, with jdioto (to be turned), to Bristol. GOOD South Coast town, centre of principal street, one of the best known Family and Dispensing Businesses; lately neglected from ill-health; now returning over £1, C00; with good Photographic con- nection; pur'jhasers having £700 capital at command can have address for private contract ; vendor retiring. BOGNOR.— Wanted, for the end of Jfarch, ciualificd Assistant; must be well up in Dispensing and Photography; outdoors; age about 25. M., 2 hours' rest ; no night duty ; sceond-c'lass passage paid out and home. C'l OO per annum net; price about value of stock and lixturcs. 3 Bel ^ rave Terrace, I-6 fcrwft Pded to the Advertiser for an Additional eharge of 6d. We cill the special attention of oar Colonial su Dscribers to the opportunity this Supplement affords when they wish to dispose of their Businesses, of getting into touch with likely buyers nlther at home or in the Colonies. C575 will ptirchase a good-elass Retail and Dis- pensing Business with Pliotograjihic connection ; established many years; returns- average .t SSO; net profit £225 after paying ;issistaiit and all expenses; exceptionally well stocked; liooks pro- perly kept; would accept bare valunt'if pief. References, agre, height, salary re- 'iuircd, to Johnson, Chemist, Stirehley, Birmiug-ham. and the I'uhlisher hopes (hat the ad%ertisers , will assist in the quick preparation and despatch of the Supplement hv strictly observini; this rule. — We have always a large number of Buyers on our books, and we can frequently find a Purchaser at once. — Light Cash Retail; splendid main road posi- tion ; returns £1.500 : net profit €385 : price £850. — LONDON (West End).— High-class Retail and Dispensing; returns £20 weeklv ; excellent profits ; corner position ; price £700. — WEST KENSINGTON.— Light Retail and Dispensing ; returns nearly £1,400; not profit £390; price £850.