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Bro code rule on dating

He knows sign language (presumably American Sign Language) as well as French, Spanish and Italian.

He has a strong tendency to correct everything that people around him say.

Ted, the central character of the show, is from Shaker Heights, Ohio, and is a Wesleyan University graduate and an architect who, according to Barney, thinks too much.

Beginning in 2005, Ted's meandering journey has taken him through many failed relationships, including being left at the altar.

But the architect-turned-professor isn't giving up on his search for the one.

Ted invites Stella's ex-boyfriend Tony (the father of her daughter) to his wedding, which unbeknownst to him, causes Stella and her ex's feelings to reemerge for each other, resulting in Stella leaving Ted at the altar.

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After starting on his job as Professor of Architecture at the University of Columbia at the beginning of Season 5, Ted meets, and briefly dates, an economics student named Cindy.They break up after Cindy realizes Ted and her roommate have a lot in common, despite the two having never met.

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In 2030, Ted sat down to tell his kids the story of "How I Met Your Mother".She accepts a culinary fellowship in Germany, prompting a long-distance relationship, which does not last, due in large part to his persistent feelings for Robin.His friendship with Robin is threatened when he implies that Victoria broke up with him before she actually did, leading to their making out.After being left at the altar, Ted has trouble rebounding back into a romantic setting, and his job becomes a source of trouble as well.After being hired to design a project for Goliath National Bank, he is fired after weeks of unsuccessful work by Bilson.This story was told in , he reveals that this is not true, and that he vomited on Robin's door mat.