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With a spread sure to make anyone jealous, Jamie shares his favorite family recipes from his cookbook that have become tradition at the Deen Thanksgiving table: (Shannon Mc Cook, The Perfect Summer Peach Muffin Parade, 11/19/13)In the end, we're both very proud of this gorgeous book that is decidedly “Jamie.” It captures his candid voice and the thoughtful way he prepares his family's food and lives his life.

The book's focus on specific locales and their dishes elevates it a step above most of its type; instead of offering a basic recipe for grits, for example, the Deens offer a twist: two ounces of goat cheese.

Traditional thumbprint cookies benefit from ground pecans incorporated into dough which is then rolled in chopped pecans; and corn bread is greatly enhanced by the chopped bacon and sautéed apples folded into the batter.

“These are all recipes that have meant a lot to my family,” says Deen.

“I'd never call myself a chef, but I love to cook, and these are recipes that taste good.”Deen says that the book is more than a compilation of recipes. “They'll learn how we live our life and how we spend our time.” (Steve Helling, Great Ideas People, 9/19/13)Every recipe in this book has a history, many dating back generations in the Deen or Hiers families.

The Food Network employs the many of the top trendy, charismatic chefs, but those cooking experts don’t always behave themselves.

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These memorable touches guarantee that this cookbook quickly becomes dog-eared from regular use." (Publishers Weekly, for DEEN BROS. There's another cooking member of the Deen family on the horizon, and he's just seven years old.Jack Deen, son of Jamie Deen, has been spending time in the kitchen with his famous family, and is sharing some recipes in his dad's new cookbook.

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Last year alone, Deen’s son Jamie called one black employee by the inappropriate nickname of “Jellyroll”, while ads for a Savannah, Ga.Intriguingly, Deen also puts Jack, his young son and aspiring cook, in the spotlight. An excellent investment in both money and in bookshelf space! All recipes are for normal food you would serve your family. I own over 100 cookbooks and this is quickly becoming my favorite.Flip the cookbook over and you'll find “Rooster's Café” by Jack Deen. I also have a son named Jack who is 10 and he loves watching Jamie's show on the Food Network.PHOTOS: Celebrity Racist Rants On her Facebook page, Deen added, “We had so much fun on this episode, y’all.” Naturally, the inappropriate posts — with obvious parallels to blackface minstrel shows — brought instant feedback, and were quickly scrubbed from both accounts, though the viral damage had already been done.Radar has been on the forefront reporting revelations linked to Deen’s downfall dating more than three years back, from the initial accusations of her bigoted statements; to her grovel-filled, inept handling of the career crisis; to the multiple race-based snafus that have occurred even AFTER the damage was done.(Jamie Deen's family-friendly pastas and desserts The Today Show, 9/24/13)One look at his new (and first ) solo cookbook, Jamie Deen's Good Food, and it's clear he's found his place in the world as a husband, father, and cook.