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Location: Main Classroom Building Room #2301 (second floor) Monday, October 9th at pm -or- Thursday, October 12th at pm Students may attend either Part 1 or Part 2, or both.

Bailey entered a plea to a lessor charge and was sentenced to 4 years in prison. Bailey was released from federal prison on May 10, 2011. What was tragic about this case that the coach has spent years of his life helping young women get scholarships to college and because of the false accusation the coach was facing up to 20 years in prison. had been given a sentence of 23 years in prison at trial. Adams was able to convince the trial judge to modify G.

Adams represented a local coach that had been wrongfully accused of inappropriately touching a girl that he coached. After a week long trial the jury deliberated approximately three hours before acquitting Mr.

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The jury deliberated approximately 30 minutes after a three day trial in reaching their verdict of acquittal. Adams first jury trial and he had only been licensed to practice law a little more than a year.

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Less tha 4 months after being arraigned a jury found C. not guilty and he was able to start rebuilding his life. After the deferred sentence is complete the client can have the charge expunged from their record. Hix from serving approximately 30 years in Federal prison. Adams represented a client who was charged with felony delivery of marijuana. There was no doubt that Ernest was responsible for his former girlfriend's death, he testified that he strangled her. This is a good result, a conviction on First Degree Murder would have meant a minimum of a life sentence, or 38 calendar years and 3 months before becoming eligible for parole. Zollicoffer was satisfied with the result and chose not to appeal his conviction to the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals. There was no doubt as to Christopher and his father's guilty. However, through the use of physical evidence, effective cross examination and logic Mr. dismissed after he agreed with the defense that there was insufficient evidence to order the case to trail.

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A two year deferred sentence on the misdemeanor charge of Outraging Public Decency. There is always a risk in proceeding to jury trial and sometimes accepting a favorable plea is the right thing to do; but the best plea deals often come when a lawyer is ready, willing and able to put the state to the test. Ed.2d 335 (2002) and the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals opinion in Blonner v. Through negotiations with the Tulsa County District Attorney’s office, Mr. Jordan's life by resolving the case with a non-death plea. Adams win his first Federal Acquittal the verdict was returned on his 30th birthday. Schoonover and did not attempt to retry him for a third time. The state had 2 eyewitnesses that testified that Mr. Adams could be present with his wife during the birth of their daughter. English on 1 count and deadlocked on the other count 9-3 for Acquittal. Analyze institutional productivity and benchmark your output against peers worldwide.With customized citation data, global metrics, and multidimensional profiles on the leading research institutions, you’ll get comprehensive insight into your performance. Ms Manzer has two co-defendants and was accused of helping her co-defendants kill a young man at Ft Gibson Lake. Adams got the First Degree Murder case dismissed and Ms. With a plea to a deferred misdemeanor count this offer was too good to turn down. Hix who was facing charges of Conspiracy to Commit Bank Robbery and Possession of a Machine Gun in Furtherance of a Federal Crime of Violence. Adams won a dismal of the delivery of marijuana charge by convincing a Tulsa County Judge that the state had failed to introduce enough evidence that his client had delivered marijuana. The state filed a Bill of Particulars seeking the Death Penalty against Mr. A list created by Christopher and his father that included United States Senators and Congressmen along with numerous law enforcement officers from the ATF and FBI. Jury verdict of Not Guilty on the charge of First Degree Murder and Second Degree Murder. After a six day trial the jury deliberated for an hour and a half before finding Anthony not guilty. We were able to push this case to trial to minimize the amount of damage done to C. ( Read the Tulsa World Article ) Courtney Manzer was charged with First Degree Murder in Wagoner County Case CF-2014-82. Sometimes cases are resolved not because of guilt or innocence but because a calculation of risk. In this case Kevin Adams and Gary Richardson represented Mr. In this case in Tulsa County District Court, State of Oklahoma v. After a conducting a preliminary hearing and filing a motion to quash Mr. Alvin Jordan was charged with First-Degree Murder, Robbery, and 2 counts of Shooting with Intent to Kill for the robbery of First Fidelity Bank the murder of a bank teller and the shooting of the bank president and a customer inside the bank. Adams raised mental retardation as a defense to the Death Penalty in accordance with the U. Christopher testified during the trial that he attempted to rob the bank in order to obtain funding so that he could buy better weapons and kill those that he and his father felt were responsible for Waco and Ruby Ridge. Adams was able to prove that the state's witnesses were either mistaken or lying. enhances the first session with more specialized search platforms and strategies and includes information on thorough searching required for literature reviews.