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The Lord doesn’t want us to give under compulsion or under a belief that we have to. Second, I have never heard a tithe message where Malachi 3 wasn’t used.

Third, as stated earlier, tithing is not Taught in the New Testament.

The Independent Fundamental Baptist Denomination uses Matthew to support the idea that Jesus taught the New Testament Church to tithe.

The entire chapter is the continuous thought of Paul.

You can’t just take one verse, pull it out and draw your conclusions from one single verse.

Numbers 18 is cataloging the duties of the priests and the Levites and showcasing what was done to support them as they worked in the Tabernacle.

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Since tithing was a part of the Law of Moses under the legal economy of Israel.It does not apply to the Church today, since we are under grace and not under the law (Romans ; 10:4).

I have never received the blessings that they claim that one will receive if one tithes.The purpose of this page is not to go into a lot of detail about tithing.I would simply like to point out the false teachings of the Independent Fundamental Baptist Denomination in this area and touch on some of the important points about tithing that show why it is wrong.First of all it’s important to understand that Tithing is a Biblical principle, however, it no longer applies because tithing was commanded under the Old Covenant. Tithing was a command under the Mosaic Law, a series of laws that we are no longer obliged to follow.The Mosaic Laws were specifically for the Israelites during that time period.The New Testament teaches proportional giving according to what we have, not what we don’t have (see 2 Cor. The New Testament also teaches that we are to (2 Corinthians 9:7). The Lord is more concerned with your heart attitude and your motivation for giving.