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Ang dating daan vs iglesia ni cristo debate

Here are the modern bible produced from these text types: Though it was said, that the Alexandrian text type and byzantine text type are 95.5% identical, the manifestation of their grave differences were emphasized on how, the proponents of these text types were endowed in much dispute as shown below: These proponents, scholarly were textual literate thus any commentaries they have contentious in nature, is an overview how that these text types as prominent sources of modern bibles, are indeed not in calculable harmony, which in turn, testifies the improbable nature of these to be one collective “sepher” of god, as god’s “sepher” as described in Isaiah is infallible, whereas discrepancies these sources have are testament of failure.

With divine guidance though, these different bibles from different text-types, having traces of truth in it, we prefer to engage in biblical interpretation through selective method, wherein we choose, which textual verse/s from each text-types reflected in the various bible, the correct text as it was originally revealed to the early christians. Therefore, by these simple correlation of facts, we could conclude, the one “sepher” of god, infallible, have not yet been revealed which between the greek-hebrew bibles reflecting Alexandrian or byzantine text-type is the correct bible!

It is my personal belief that it is not yet revealed which among greek-hebrew bible is the real “sepher” of the lord, the infallible and contextually harmonized writing, as I observed bro Eli’s selective verse method. THEREFORE, GOD DID NOT REVEAL YET THAT SINGLE BIBLE, HE CALLED, “SEPHER” OF THE LORD, UNLESS OF COURSE, IF GOD REVEALED IT TO YOU CONSIDERING THE TRUE CHURCH AS RECIPIENT OF INTEGRAL TRUTH. THIS IS MY PERSONAL VIEW AND NOT NECESSARILY REFLECTIVE OF THE CHURCH!

Defeating Joe Ventilacion or Michael Sandoval or any less efficient minister would be less impactful as they are merely a sidekick, not the identity bearer of the church.

Its the deliberate expose of Manalo as a truth-handicap, being the leader, that would gourge with a more deadly wound. Your church would be identified as a group with an ignorant leader, blind leading the blind whereas, Joe and his breed, are not the leader, supposedly if defeated, won’t be an assurance of a blind-led church. Manalo’s non-responsiveness was a fallout with many other mudslinging and death threats afterwards and as claimed, forced Bro Eli to exile.

There would be alibis such as, “you defeated the student, the teacher’s attack dog, now, you did not defeat god’s oracle–the highest ranked, the better intellectual, the truthcaster–! Let’s see how they make weak alibis, The boastful site says more: Their damage control was mainly by two means: The thing is, dodging away from an agreement for debate is not conclusive as cowardice. It means Felix trained him to be a frontman debater, as it say, Trained as better debater purposed as a vistigial dummy!? Why not, Felix Manalo had debates why couldn’t you? Church leaders must debate as exemplified by Paul as a standard principle for leaders as it say, Philippians [17]But the other of love, knowing that I am set for the defence of the gospel. Bec you oppressed us and we want to fight back where we know youll be demolished, such that, oppression would stop!

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The Alexandrian text type for example has paved the making of the nestle-aland Greek which was the basis for the NIV bible.

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Bro Eli’s rejection of Joe ventilacion’s debate challenge and wistful thinking, is not proof of cowardice either. This is as a faithful follower of Paul, and as implied, being a clean vessel is tasked for EVERY GOOD WORKS which obviously includes debate! The one who battles a more academically superior than you or the closet queen, hiding in the closet–THE MANALOS? Manila, Philippines – Unlike Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s long, heated rivalry in the 2008 US presidential campaign, there are politicians in other countries who choose to take the short cut to political power by wooing the kingmaker.Instead of patiently reaching out to the electorate, these politicians seek the person or group of people who has the capacity to influence the conclusion of a political run, a method that assures the former’s promise of the future in exchange for the latter’s favor.These manuscripts in their raw form have variants and discrepancies thus in its raw form, it cannot be the gathered “sepher” of god, thus there was the necessity to sort out correct texts from errors, and was possible through the process called textual criticism as explained below: The gathered Greek, Latin, Syriac etc…as component of the “sepher” of the lord which “sepher” includes both old and new testament where determined after textual criticism, and after undergoing such process, produced what is considered, in consensus, as the correct text most likely the equivalent to the original new testament written in that language theoretically thought as greek.Yet even in its determined correct text, which determination through divine guidance made it possible as implied in Isaiah , it was still categorized in three text types, the two types as the prominent types.And so is the process for majority text (byzantine text type).