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Andrei kirilenko dating

“I want there to be at least one person in every family in our country who loves to watch or play basketball,” he added.

“When I played for CSKA and we had two days off I could spend 36 hours in a row playing World of Warcraft and ordering food from time to time” said Kirilenko in an interview with Sport-Express newspaper.

So, if possible, will you tattoo your character on your body?

Former NBA Andrei Kirilenko may soon become the new president of the Russian Basketball Federation.

"I was raised playing Russian basketball and I've been playing basketball for about 27 years.

Utah Jazz's Andrei Kirilenko reacts after defeating the Dallas Mavericks during their NBA basketball game in Salt Lake City, Utah, December 26, 2007. REUTERS/Ramin Rahimian (UNITED STATES) - RTX50RH MOSCOW — Former NBA All-Star Andrei Kirilenko was named president of the Russian Basketball Federation (RFB) on Tuesday.

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Yulia Anikeeva had been elected its president in August 2013, but the results of the vote were later contested and a court told the federation to hold new elections, which are set for Tuesday.

"You remember the 1980 or the 1984 Olympics that it does not do any good when the strongest athletes cannot compete against each other – it shouldn't be like that." Kirilenko, who played for the Utah Jazz and the Brooklyn Nets under Russian oligarch Mikhail Prokhorov, among other teams, has also underscored that philanthropy remains one of his main priorities in Russia.Kirilenko, who spent a significant part of his career with the Utah Jazz and helped Russia win the 2007 European championship, announced his retirement as a player in June.Russian teams were banned last month from playing in international tournaments due to government interference in running the RFB.We lost to France in a pre-tournament in Paris by 36 points. Im so happy that we won the quarterfinal and broke the curse. Whats been the reaction in Russia as a result of the tourney win?Kirilenko: Every newspaper, we are on the front page. For most of the guys who are 22, 23 years old, young guys, they are being congratulated by all their parents, relatives, fans.I am sure that together we can take big steps forward and put an end to this mess.