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Her flip flops were already shoved half under the dresser, waiting for her. She switched on the large television, adjusted the volume so that it wouldn't disturb Mrs. After another vignette of teen lesbian action, Laci ejected that tape and put in a tape that was labeled 'Anal Teen Cum Junkies." The movie showed a cute 'teen' being very roughly sodomized by a very large cock. Finally, Laci extinguished the overhead light and the two lay down to go to sleep.

This tape was in slightly better condition than the previous tape, there were few pixelated or stretched scenes. That show was followed by another equally implausible reality show. Alvarez insisted that it was time for the girls to go to bed. "I mean, first one is Asians then we're watching girls kissing each other? "Paula, those were my dad's stupid movies," Laci declared. "I'm teasing you," Paula whispered, gently touching Laci's arm. "God, this is stupid," Paula declared as one of the show's characters couldn't figure out a simple task. "Uh huh; my dumb ass Dad's got it pass worded though," Laci complained. Laci did, Paula looked at the remote, then rapidly punched in a series of commands.

"Yes ma'am," Laci agreed and pulled Paula out of her comfortable recliner. Don't say that," Laci cried out and hugged her friend. "No, no, you're so pretty just like you are," Laci assured her friend. "Uh huh," Paula said, tone of voice sounding very unconvinced. "They need get rid of him." "Uh huh," Laci agreed and did a little channel surfing.

"No, your, your, thing is kind of pretty like it is," Laci said, then flamed bright red. Now only a faint blow from the overhead light illuminated the room.

Laci turned on her wall mounted television and found yet another insipid reality television show to watch. " Paula asked, hiding her smile behind her small hand.

*.*.*.*.*.* Chris Fontenot, owner of Fontenot's Equipment & Services had just married and he and his fourth wife were going on their honeymoon, going to the Bahamas for two weeks of fun and sun. "Remember, I'm bringing Paula home tonight; she's spending the night," Laci reminded the woman. Laci took the lunch bag the woman held out, then skipped to her 2015 Corvette. Laci shrugged out of her top and her breasts bobbled. Again, Laci sucked one, then the other nipple, then bit both nipples. When Laci's fingers came in contact with Paula's wet pussy, Paula cried out in orgasm. "Here," Laci whispered and slithered out of her panties. She did not notice that the two girls were much quieter than usual. Then she wiggled forward and began to suck and lick at Paula's pussy.

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"Yeah, right, like if he didn't have nine million, you'd still love him, right? When her mother grabbed her daughter and fled their homeland, both mother and daughter had been very skinny, near starvation. "Ooh, Paula," Laci moaned when Paula blew a hot breath over Laci's overheated pussy. Laci licked and sucked Paula to a quick, face spraying orgasm. Laci continued to tongue Paula's crinkled rosebud, then wet a finger in Paula's wet slit. Laci's orgasm racked her slender body and she ground her pussy against Paula's face.

"They're not chinks; they're chunks," Chris had whispered to his daughter the first time he met Paula and her mother. "And my dad's not home; they flew out last night," Laci enthused. Alvarez greeted the two eighteen year old girls, pointed to the warm brownies and the two glasses of soy milk and then requested their school uniforms as soon as they could get them to her. Laci stripped out of her blouse, then, with a grateful sigh, unclipped her bra. Paula's pussy had a sweaty, musky smell, but it did not smell like fish. But he shared his candy bars and Little Debbie snack cakes and sugary soft drinks with mother and daughter. Then she used her thumbs to pull Paula's inner lips apart. Paula's orgasm literally sprayed Laci's beautiful face with her essence. Now, at four foot eleven, Don It Sim, Paula, weighed one hundred and sixty pounds. Laci had heard the jokes about pussy smelling like fish. Then Laci found Paula's small clitoris and she batted at the nub with her tongue. Laci continued to lap earnestly at Paula's slit, getting as much of Paula's juice as she could. They went up the stairs and changed into their sleepwear. " Paula asked as she hefted the hem of her sleep shirt. " Laci asked, pulling up a pair of skimpy bikini panties. " Paula asked, trying to look at her own pubic mound. " Laci asked as she pulled her camisole top down over her breasts. "You should be proud to be Asian." They crawled into Laci's queen sized bed. "You know, like those girls, those Asian girls," Paula said, still bent over. "I wish I had pretty blonde hair like you." "You'd look kind of stupid," Laci laughed. Laci used the remote control to lower the lights in the room. Nude, she padded to her dresser, pulled out a loose tee shirt and a pair of shorts. "Before dvds, people used to watch movies on tapes," Laci explained. Alvarez." But even with the pass code lifted, they still found little of interest.