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Adult tube skype sex

In my last couple of years researching into this niche – 99% of the adult websites looks shitty. Be it single vendor system or a multi vendor marketplace – you can have it all.

You can set your own prices for the products and market them.

But why do you want to give them 40% of all your sales?

You need to go with magenta or presta shop or open cart or some custom e Commerce solution and then customize it heavily on theme design and integrating drop shipping API or high risk merchant account for receiving payments.

Finally had to settle down on developing my own adult toy marketplace with the most sophisticated features for a sex toy business.

You’re stuck with them and all your marketing expenses will be wasted ( only useful at the current month and not for a longer run ), time spend on the marketing will go into drain.

Let’s shoot an average of 3% per day – which roughly estimates $15 per sale. After deductions on marketing & other expenses – you can easily make a profit of $250 per day.

I couldn’t find anything solid, scalable, powerful with complete backend management for the business owner.Plus, it has got drop shipping API and adult payment gateway integrated by default.I’ve been using this software to run my own adult toy store and now, we’re launching it as a product “x Marketplace” – turnkey software to start adult toy website. The adult sex toys market is growing and people are losing their fear and trying new things. S that are focused on sexual wellness industry and investors are looking for a hot opportunity in that area. Can you believe, if I say it’s a 15 billion dollar industry and growing to become a 52 billion in 2020?Our main goal is to provide a complete adult turnkey white label solution for people who wants to start an Adult toy store business.