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You can learn and grow a lot through your mistakes.

Boundaries don't separate you from your partner; they can actually bring you closer together.

Creating boundaries and figuring out what to do when they have been crossed is a fantastic way to practice communication and conflict resolution as a couple.

While I was bummed I didn't get to see him that night (I really wanted to), I couldn't keep waiting around for him and showing him that our relationship revolved around schedule.

By setting boundaries with our partners, we stand up for ourselves and exhibit self-respect and self-esteem.

Strang says, "Often, when boundary concerns come up in a partnership, it opens the space for greater communication and understanding of one another, and the opportunity to grow deeper into love and respect and intimacy by honoring these boundaries."So, for example, you might have a partner who wants to hang out every single day, while you are someone who values private time.

"Often we get 'into trouble' in relationships because we have not clearly defined these boundaries within ourselves.

"Check in with yourself — do you have clear boundaries about what's appropriate for you when it comes to relationships?"To allow anything into your life that you truly desire requires making your relationship with yourself and who you truly are your [first] priority and to allow yourself to work with life so that you can experience more of what you desire, rather than fighting against or trying to control the outcomes."By putting yourself first and having standards, you avoid boundary-less relationship hurdles, like people pleasing, being a doormat, codependence, and attachment.If you live a full, healthy, and active life, then a partner becomes an life, once you start dating.However, I believe that people will treat you how you treat yourself, and proper boundaries are indicative of good self-esteem and self-respect. In fact, they can just be small reminders that show someone how you expect to be treated.For example, a guy I am currently seeing keeps confirming our dates too late in the day.Every codependent, overly attached relationship I've been in was a lesson in learning boundaries and developing standards for myself and in my partners.