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Acoa and dating

Loyal, she could go through fire and water to be together. She might be cool, she might be feminine, but that's a LONG laundry list of red flags my friend.

I think the booze is often more of a self medication strategy then the cause of the illness itself.

I think you'd be on a pathway of destruction thinking about LTR'ing her.

Which is why you were specific of the red flags and negatives, you just wanted to confirm with us, what you thought about her.

You mention her positive potential to her being a mother/wife - apply the negatives you listed to her role as a mother and/or wife. Self sabotage, DEPRESSION, and abandonment issues are just a few of the major highlights I could see in an LTR, marriage, or child bearing.

You’ve poured your heart out to me and I have been humbled and honored to hear your stories of pain, reconciliation, triumph.

If you didn’t ask for this article, but are reading it, then I can only assume you’ve clicked either out of curiosity or concern, both of which are a great foundation. I am probably afraid you are going to leave or hurt me in some way.

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Every time I get a little sad about the relationship being over I think back to her parents and count my blessings I never have to be in the same room with those people again.Good news is that things are more clear now and even though a lot of her behaviors/reactions are still weird to me at least it makes sense to me why she does what she does. I think you know what to do, it's time to cut her loose.But is it really an excuse to let a lot of things slide? Is there any evidence that she: 1) Sees that there are some serious flaws with her personality? I'll never forget the night she called me in tears because her younger brother got his first DUI arrest.This sounds almost exactly like a woman I dated when I was 23 and she was 22. Odds are she won't see the humor in songs like "The Piano Has Been Drinking." Yeah difficult for sure but once you can deal with that kind of a woman then you can deal with them all. A couple of months ago I wrote about being the child of an addict. Has "conservative" value system about dating / relationships / family. I think deep down you know that your gut feeling is right about this girl.